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Welcome to Ramstein Car Sales

Are you interested in Ramstein car sales and military car sales? Are you moving to Germany and need a new car?

I am Paul Healy Independent Contractor for the Exchange New Car Sales (AAFES Car Sales) and I am 100% dedicated to helping you find the right car for your lifestyle.

“I love helping people find the right car for their needs!”

No matter what your situation or your price range is, I want to help.

  • Do you need a car that is large enough to fit your family?
  • How about something that is fuel efficient?
  • We also have vehicles that are fun to drive.

… all in trusted brand names like Ford, Harley, and Dodge.

“Stationed or moving to Germany, Europe, or Far East?”

Here at Exchange New Car Sales we have stock available for you both in Germany (in Bremerhaven and several other locations throughout the country). There is also stock located in Baltimore and other locations throughout the US.

We also offer discounts on vehicles in outlying locations throughout the United States. Please contact me to ask about them.

“I Want to Make Things Easy for You!”

No matter what you need, my mission is to make things as easy as possible for you. My goal is to listen to what you want and point you to the options that are the best fit for your needs and your price range. I can also help you find the best payment options for your situation.

“I Don’t Push. That’s Not What I’m About.”

I won’t push you into buying a car that you don’t want because it is impractical for you or a price that you can’t afford. That’s just not my style. My commission is the same no matter what I sell. Not only that, but if you don’t like what you see or aren’t ready to buy… just walk away, no questions asked.

“I Know the Ins and Outs!”

I have been with Exchange New Car Sales since 1985. Since then I have delivered over 2500 vehicles I have always put my customers first. It has been my honor to sell to the Army, Air force, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard and Civilians attached to the Armed Services.

“Smile – You’ve Found the Perfect Car!”

I genuinely love helping people find the best vehicle purchase for their needs. My favorite part is when you walk away from the lot with a big smile on your face, knowing that you found the perfect vehicle.

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Paul Healy
Independent Contractor of Exchange New Car Sales
06371-465-368 (Civ)
0170-278-6240 (Mobile)
7 days a week

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