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December 2013 - RamsteinCarSales.com Archive

3 Reasons to buy a car before you leave Ramstein

So you’re getting ready to move again. Maybe you’re moving back to the states, the UK, Italy, or Japan and need to find a vehicle when you get there. Wouldn’t it be nice to…more

2014 Ram 1500 “Truck of the year”

At the Exchange New Car Sales I enjoy selling high quality vehicles and one of these is the Ram 1500. This is the second year in a row now that it has won the…more

Explore a Weihnachtsmarkt

Get into your new US Spec Ford, Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep that you just bought here at the Exchange New Car Sales, and see the city all lit up for the holidays! Many city…more

New car ride to Rüdesheim

After buying your new affordable car in Germany, at Ramstein Car Sales, you have to give it a test drive! This is the time to get out there and see the sights now that…more