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3 Reasons to buy a car before you leave Ramstein

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So you’re getting ready to move again. Maybe you’re moving back to the states, the UK, Italy, or Japan and need to find a vehicle when you get there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that done before you move, so you can just pick up your shiny new car when you get there? In this article I’ll give you three reasons why it is a great idea to purchase a vehicle before you leave Ramstein.

Military discounts for new car buyers

You may think you can get a better deal in the states, but you would be surprised. If you’re affiliated with the military I can actually get you into a brand new car for lower than MSRP, and could possibly offer you rebates on top of that if you qualify. Another little known fact is that we have a list of inventory across the United States, Europe and the Pacific at greatly reduced prices. If you begin looking for a car far enough out from your move back to the states we could find the same Make/Model vehicle you’re looking for on this list. This brings us into my next point –  convenience.


Let’s say for example you are looking for a Ford Mustang V6 and you’re moving to Langley AFB. Well I can check the list and find that a Ford Mustang V6 Premium is available and already in Virginia. It’s the perfect scenario! Now you can get all the financing done before you begin the move.  Then when you fly into Baltimore, just rent a car for the quick drive down to Langley and your new car will be waiting for you on the lot! This could save you $$ on shipping fees before we even look at the final price of the car. However if you don’t find a car on this list, any car you purchase can be delivered to your final destination.


All of our vehicles are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee at delivery. We pride ourselves on stocking some of the safest cars in the world. Ford consistenly puts out models on the top ten safety list according to …. When you purchase a new car from the KMCC Exchange New Car Sales it doesn’t matter where it ends up, you know it will be a quality ride.

So before you head off to your next assignment, or move into retirement why not take a minute and browse our current stock, or email me and let me know where you’re headed and what you’d like to be driving when you get there.


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