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AAFES Car Sales


Lot Picture 1Did you just move to Germany and need to buy a car? If so, AAFES Car Sales is the place to do it. Located on Ramstein Air Base, at The Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC), it is equipped to meet any need you have with what you can afford. So, why not stop in and buy your new and/or used automobile?

What size?

Because everyone’s need is different, you should perform a careful analysis of what you need with a vehicle. Do you have a small, medium or large family? How many doors do you want on the vehicle? AAFES Car Sales tailors to your needs. So, whether or not you have a family of one or five, you will find the vehicle you need.

How much can you spend?

Today, people need to cut back on expenditures and create ways to achieve their needs within a reasonable and allotted amount of income. With that said, AAFES Car Sales understands the need to cut back, so they have various options for you.

Determine what you can spend then begin searching based on the allowable limit. Keep in mind, there are multiple discounts available for you through the AAFES Car Sales. Keep visiting the website and contact me to see which deals you can get. Also, if you are able to pay for the car in full, you can save money in the long run, as well.

Shopping for a car is easy and affordable with AAFES Car Sales. The staff is supportive, ready and willing to help serve you by ministering to your needs and provide you with the best vehicle. You will feel spoiled from the favorable treatment you receive with your visit.


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