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First Time Buyers Program


military first time buyer programThis program is for young service people who think or feel they can not get financed on a new vehicle because they are too young or have no credit. This is far from the truth. Finance is available to 1st termers and people between the ages of 19 and 25, even with no credit. You can be approved on a loan with a decent percentage rate.

Benefits of getting financed are:

1) It gives you a chance to develop your credit.
2) You get a chance to own a new vehicle.
3) The pride of knowing you are taking care of your own financing for the first time on a new vehicle.
4) To be shown a vehicle that you will like and a payment you can afford.
5) Take advantage of the deposit accumulation plan to build up your down payment.
6) Special order. Have your vehicle built the way you want it. To save money on rebates and be 100% happy with your vehicle.
7) Free shipping available on your orders from the states to Germany and back.
8) Help with insurance quotes.
9) Finance guaranteed or your money back. Download a quick finance application here.

What do you think of the AAFES First Time Buyers Program? Share your experiences or comments with us in the comment box below.
For more information on the first time buyers program give me a call, or email ph69006@militarycars.com.


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